• Biovalley Group

    The “Family and Friends Office” which invests in the BioHighTech, Digital HighTech and Energy HighTech industrial sectors.

    Biovalley Group
  • Chemo Maker

    Innovative technology for the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapy drugs

    Chemo Maker
  • Euro Bio HighTech

    The annual event entirely dedicated to innovative companies and research organizations operating in the Smart Health sector.

    Euro Bio HighTech
    We invest in the HighTech

    About us

    Biovalley Group SpA (BIG), aims to develop a “Trieste Innovation Hub Model”, investing in the BioHighTech, Digital HighTech and Energy HighTech industrial sectors to accelerate the development of an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, in a highly developed scientific environment such as that of Trieste, and then transfer and/or integrate this model of economic and social development in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and/or in other Regions of the Alpe Adria and in particular in the Western Balkans.

    Biovalley Group S.p.A. is the lead company of the network of companies called BioHighTech-NET.
    The business network is a collaboration agreement between companies that allows, while maintaining their independence, autonomy and specialty, to implement shared projects and objectives with a view to increasing innovative capacity and competitiveness on international markets.

    On 21 February 2020, BioHighTechNet 4.0 was born, a network with an Autonomous Legal Personality.


    Companies we invest in