What's ChemoMaker+?

ChemoMaker+ is an innovative technology for the compounding of patient-specific chemotherapy drugs, solving the most of critical issues related to the manual preparation process usually adopted in hospitals.

ChemoMaker+ is a compact system, that can be easily placed in an existing Class II laminar flow hood. It does not require dedicated spaces or installation works.

Project: ChemoMaker e Smart Cartridge 4.0

The project involved hospital-based testing of the robotic preparer for the preparation of chemotherapy preparations called ChemoMaker®.

The project included the following phases:

  • Design of new smart cartridges that improve cost-effectiveness in the operational use of the device; 
  • Testing of the prototype in its current state in a hospital (operational) environment; 
  • Detection, design and implementation of interconnection software for integration into the hospital system and management of two-way communication flows according to the needs detected in the hospital operational environment; 
  • Acquisition of anonymized operational data and development and validation AI Algorithms.
    These data provide a database to implement the digital twin of ChemoMaker and its associated systems.

The Project, which started in September 2022, is financed with funds Anticipazione PR ERDF 2021-2027 – Incentives to companies for collaborative industrial research and experimental development activities – call 2022