About us

Our Vision

Biovalley Group SpA (BIG) is a company which aims to develop a Trieste Innovation Hub Model. Through this model, the intention is to accelerate the development of an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in a highly developed scientific environment like the one of Trieste, and then transfer and/or integrate this model of economic and social development in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and/or in other Regions of the Alpe Adria (with particular focus on the Western Balkan countries).

The company, founded by Diego Bravar in 2014, is structured as a "Family and Friends Office" and invests in micro, SMEs and large companies in the BioHighTech, Digital HighTech and Energy HighTech industrial sectors.

The Team

Diego Bravar


Alberto Steindler

General Manager

Paolo Giribona

Scientific Director

Giovanni Loser

Investment Committee Director

Andrea Zacchigna

Head of Administration, Finance and Control

Francesco Menegoni

Marketing Manager

Fabio Firmani

ChemoMaker Operations Manager