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BioValley Investments Partner closes Equity collection with CrowdFundMe

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At the conclusion of the action, the equity, collected through CrowdFundMe, amounts to 1,655 K€! Satisfaction for the result achieved is expressed by the Management of BioValley Investments Partner, the industrial sub-holding of the leading company BioValley Spa.

The importance of the result is also expressed by the only Crowdinvesting portal (Equity Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding, Corporate Debt) listed on Piazza Affari, dedicated to supporting innovative startups and at the same time able to enhance the value of industrial holding companies that invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs. (link (apre in una nuova scheda)”>>link)

The result was achieved thanks to 62 private investors, including Bio4Dreams, a certified incubator with totally private capital dedicated to specialized startups, which decided to invest in the Trieste holding company, as a company that well represents the BioHighTech market in the innovative Life Sciences sector and accredited to the Ministry of Health as a Pharmaceutical Company for the distribution of orphan drugs in Italy.

With an expected collection target of 500 K€, the result was even more than three times higher, confirming the expectations that the national economy has in the BioHighTech sector, and recognizing in the regulatory efforts that the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is implementing, great potential for competitive development for the innovative and technological industry of Health and Life Sciences, which in the Trieste area gains particular significance for the consolidated collaboration with the many scientific research institutions present.