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EURO BioHighTech 2019 & Meet In Italy for Life Sciences

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BioValley Investments will be present at Euro BioHighTech organized at Molo IV of Trieste, in the program of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences, the itinerant appointment of matchmaking and updating in the field of Life Sciences. Once again we are talking about innovation in the BioHighTech sector, collaboration between Research Centres and Companies, specialized training in response to the needs of companies.

The event will be presented by BioHighTech NET, the network of companies of which BioValley is the leader, by Aries, the in-house company of the Chamber of Commerce, by Confindustria Venezia Giulia and by the regional cluster CBM.

The program, intense and tight, downloadable below, sees the participation of ten SME’s in the Alpe-Adria Area that have made Industrial Innovation their flag and their bet for the future. They will present 16 avant-garde R&D projects, financed by the intelligent specialisation of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, looking beyond, towards the benefits for citizens, towards the economic growth of the territory and towards the consolidation of the companies involved in the development of the BioHighTech sector.

The speaker of the session held by BioValley Investments will be Giovanni Loser who, starting from the three research projects Art, Nadiatools and Train (which will be the subject of specific workshop at 9.00 am on Thursday, October 17), will approach the theme of ‘exponential organization’.

At the end of the meeting, the conclusions will be drawn by Prof. Nadio Delai, President of Ermeneia Studi & Strategie di Sistema.


> Scarica il programma completo (ENG.pdf)

> Scarica il programma completo (ITA.pdf)

> Link per l’iscrizione gratuita al workshop