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Open Positions for 2 Scientists

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Serichim S.R.L., a 51% subsidiary of Biovalley Investments Partner, has open positions for two scientists:

Microbiology and fermentation scientist

Experience in molecular biology (DNA manipulation techniques, DNA analysis software, clone construction and transformant selection), microbiology (WCB propagation and strain maintenance), and fermentation. A sound understanding of current techniques of protein purification is necessary with an opportunity to gain an industrial experience in larger scale protein purification methods. Experience with P. pastoris a plus.

Protein biochemistry and fermentation scientist

Experience in protein expression in E. coli and/or yeast cell systems, protein purification (ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, and analytical size exclusion chromatography, as well as documented skills with AKTA purification platforms and associated software), protein analysis (SDS-PAGE, IEF, ELISA, folding, stability and aggregation state), biochemical modification of proteins (enzymatic cleavage and ligand conjugation). Fermentation skills and experience with P. pastoris a plus.


Interested applicants should send their resumee to